B i o 

1987 : Happily born in Brussels

Childhood: Grew up listening to Brazilian music (thanks to brazilian dad), jazz and pop.

Teenager: weird mix of rock and Brazilian music. 

Discovered the 7 strings Brazilian guitar and used it as a main instrument



Master in jazz guitar @ Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles with Fabien Degryse and Victor Da Costa

Berklee school of music summer school (Boston)

Antwerp Jazz Studio

Master degree in development studies and sociology

Experience as a teacher 

Workshops in latin music in different academies of Brussels

Jazz guitar classes @ Conservatoire de DOUAI (France)

Music and guitar teacher @ Utopie school of music (Bruxelles)

Experience as a musician

Swami jr Trio

Napraça quartet (EP available here)

Espelhos canções portuguesas (Brazilian SESC tour, concerts in Spain, Portugal, France, 2 cds recorded)

Osman Martins (CD Parceria available here)

Ana & the Duorkestra (CD available Here)

Marylene Corro band

Festival de guitare de Sedan

Duo with Fabien Degryse

Kaleidoscope de la guitare

Thibault Dille duo

Many festivals....